Where advocates of Intelligent Design go wrong

1) IDers never say what (or who) the designer is

    The Creationists consistently lost court challenges in their attempts to have Creationism taught in schools because Creationism is viewed at Christian Fundamentalism and, hence teaching Creationism violates the separation of Church and State.  Intelligent design appears to intentionally obfuscate who the designer is to avoid this problem.  However, in the court case over the teaching of Intelligent Design in Dover, Pa., Judge James Jones concluded that the Intelligent Design was simply thinly veiled Christian Fundamentalism and the the “designer” was the Christian God.

2) If ID is correct, then the designer must be either incompetent or diabolical

    Evolution is an amazingly inefficient process.  For example during the Eocene epoch, in the period from 50 to 35 million years ago, more than 30 genera of whale-like animals appear in the fossil record linking true terrestrial animals with whales.  Once the highly adapted aquatic body form of whales, porpoises, and dolphins appeared, it remained essentially unchanged for 35 million years.  Why didn’t the “intelligent designer” immediately design the whales, rather than making a large number of intermediate forms  that quickly died out?

Evolution of Whales

a) The Designer is Incompetent

b) The Designer is Diabolical

Ichneumonoidae wasp - Image from Wikipedia