Where Creationists and IDers get it right

The existence of this spiritual dimension cannot be “proven” in the same way as a mathematical theorem, because the understanding of God is based upon a subjective mystical experience.  Because the spiritual dimension cannot be proven by any objective way, materialists believe that religions must be a bunch of fairy tales that have no relevance to the modern world.

To me two features prove the existence of a spiritual dimension:

    1, The mystical literature from all religions record a similar experience, a commonality that the dogmas of the individual religions lack.

    2. This experience has been part of the human culture at least since the beginning of writing.

  1. 1)The world is imbued by a spiritual presence that gives life its value, purpose and a moral meaning.

Darwinism involves the transmission of information inherent in the genetic code from one generation to another.  Once consciousness arose, information was conveyed by processes other than genetic transmission.  Thus Religion, being a culture phenomenon, cannot be studied using Darwinism because religion (and other aspects of Human culture) involves mental processes that Darwinism cannot model. As a result one can safely say that Religion did NOT evolve in any the following ways (as the materialists maintain):

    a. God evolved as a surrogate for a big daddy, or

    b. Religions evolved because humans “hypnotized” by religion had a better chance to respond to shamanistic healing, or

    c. Religions evolved because group selection that favored clans with religion,

    d. Religion is a self-propagating “virus” that contaminated people’s mind.

    e. Religion is not a “market decision” whereby people “buy into” religion to achieve immorality.

  1. 2)Religion arose as an important aspect of human culture because it provides access to the spiritual dimension. Theories explaining the origin of religion using Darwinism are basically flawed.